Schlicker Pipe Organ

At St. Matthew’s Lutheran Church
55 Ranks ~ 3135 Pipes ~ Installed 2001

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Music is a servant of the Gospel and a principal means of worshiping God. Congregational song gathers the whole people to proclaim God’s mercy, to worship God, and to pray, in response to the readings of the day and in preparation for the Lord’s Supper. –From “The Use of the Means of Grace,” Application 11A

The Pipe Organ project, begun in April 1993 had the goal of having an instrument worthy to proclaim the Word of the Lord through music. The basic design of the organ is solidly rooted in the concept that the main function of the organ is to support and lead congregational singing, music of the liturgy, and accompany choirs and soloists.

On Sunday, May 4th, 1997 the congregation voted to accept a proposal for a pipe organ of three manuals and 3,135 pipes, to be custom built by the Schlicker Organ Co., of Buffalo, NY for a Spring 2000 delivery and installation. The end result will be an instrument that best suits the needs and future of St. Matthew’s and is worthy of glorifying God through Worship and Music. Organ Committee Members: Arvis Kraetsch, Curt M. Weber, Don Whitaker, Fred Heim, John R. Paradowski, Minister of Music and Scott Riedel, consultant.

Installation of the organ took about 4 weeks to bring all the pieces together. Voicing and finishing were then finished in the following months. The dedication concert took place on June 3, 2001.

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